If you haven’t been to church in awhile, things have changed a bit. You will find devoted people, doubtful people, people happy, people hurting. We all are coming to pray to find some meaning and strength in this chaotic world. We come to give thanks also. The gracious presence of love in our lives spurs us to come and say thank you. Thank you to that mysterious wonderful sometimes  too intimate Source called God. It’s a mystery. It’s something we can’t live without.

Yes, there are people who have been coming here for 40 years. Yes, there are people who came here as they were struggling whether to live or die. Yes, there are people just hoping to find a nice community. Yes, there are people profoundly dedicated to social justice. Yes, some are wanting to touch, to feel, to know God’s presence. We are one of every stripe, color, hue, tone, and character. We are all trying to figure it out.

Come along. We could use your heart, your help, your kindness and mind.