Saint Andrews Fullerton Altar

10 a.m. In-Person Holy Eucharist

Zoom worship – 12 p.m. every Sunday

How to Prepare and What to Expect in Online Services

Get Dressed
Simple, right? Not dressed up, but wear something that marks this as a different sacred time – a time different than hanging out in bed. Have a cup of your morning beverage and enjoy.

Prepare Your Heart
Settle down in front of your computer 5 minutes prior to breathe, center yourself, and be open to our new way of praying together. Whoever jumps online earlier, we’ll just chat until 12 p.m.

Pass the Peace
Use the Zoom chatbox when you enter the service. Use the chatbox to say “Peace be with you from [your name]” 

Sing Loud, Sing Bold! 
It will sound like you are singing along with Music Director Phil. The audio is managed by the “host”. We will mute everyone during group readings and singing to avoid feedback. While we can’t hear the congregation sing together, hear with your heart. You’ll watch everyone’s lips move, because we’re movers and shakers for Christ!

Offering Prayers
During the Prayers of the People, you can offer your prayers in the chatbox. You can also send them to us before the service (Saturday) to include.

Think of Someone
We will be reading the Eucharist service, rather than sharing the usual bread and wine. We ask that after you sign off from the service and coffee hour, you telephone someone with a cheerful phone call. That act is truly sharing the body of Christ with your voice and heart. Plan now who you will call; friend, family, or acquaintance. They’ll hear the join in your voice.

Stay for Coffee Hour
After dismissal, the meeting will stay open so we can chat and have coffee hour online. It’s wonderful for us to check in and share how it’s going.


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