Spiritual or religious?

We are an Episcopal church but not an “organized religion” such that we try to organize you. We try to be “organized” so people get a sense of what we’re here for, what opportunities we offer, and information for them to participate to the fullest. Most ministries are populated by volunteers who care about that particular ministry.

Long gone are the days people participated at the Episcopal church out of habit or climbing a social ladder. Here you will find people actively, thoughtfully, developing their relationship with the Holy. Most people at St. Andrew’s were not necessarily raised in the Episcopal Church. We have people here who have journeyed in many other spiritual traditions. 

About our worship words and language

We know God is bigger and beyond the simple expressions of the English language. And we have inherited quite a rich resource in the Book of Common Prayer that guides our worship. In everything we say, we try to reach out in faith and honor. Sometimes traditional language speaks well, sometimes not. Sometimes we stretch to find another way to express something. Please be patient with our spiritual journey; our hearts are speaking.

For example, although we do say the Nicene Creed every week, please know that everyone has different interpretations, beliefs, and approaches to many usual ‘doctrines’ that are mentioned within that ancient statement. What is most important to us is that we are praying and serving together. There is tremendous variety in what Episcopalians believe; that has been a cornerstone of our tradition since the 16th century.

The variety of our beliefs springs out of our understanding of authority, God, the spiritual journey, and some well said words from Queen Elizabeth. Ask our clergy about this if you have questions. 

To learn more about what we offer, please fill out a visitor’s card found in the pew and give it to an usher. That way you will receive our weekly email so you can learn more about who we are and what we offer.

If you’d like to learn more about the Los Angeles diocese, please click the link for their website. www.ladiocese.org/