To care for one another requires getting to know one another. Healing and strength happens in community gatherings where we keep each other’s best interests at heart.

Music: The parish choir is open to anyone who would like to sing with us; auditions are not required. Music is an important part of praise and worship, and if you feel you’d like to join we trust it is the Spirit leading you. Almost every month we celebrate some occasion and gather together for a meal or activity.

Favorite gatherings include:

  • Monday Night EFM (Education for Ministry)
  • Epiphany liturgy, potluck dinners, and assembling
  • Houseblessing kits
  • Annual Meeting with brunch and party, celebrating our life together for the past year
  • Brotherhood Waffle Breakfast
  • Decorating the church for the holidays
  • Advent Dinner & Chili Cook-off
  • Parish Picnic
  • Cal State Fullerton Baseball Game Night
  • Bingo de Mayo
  • Beach Party
  • The Compassion Practice

New Worship Information

How we worship is changing with COVID-19, as we "Shelter in Faith."