Church Mission

We are a praying parish where all are welcome. We are Christians of every type, old and young, married and single, gay and straight, different nationalities and cultures, native-born and foreign-born, conservative and liberal, goofy and serious, sinners and saints. We are bound together by God’s love for us and our love for God and one another.

Saint Andrew’s strives to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and loving community in which we:

  • Follow Jesus Christ in Spirit and Truth
  • Worship God
  • Educate our children, inquirers, and ourselves in Christian faith and life
  • Serve the needs and hungers of the world in fulfillment of the two great commandments to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Saint Andrew’s is a parish church in the Diocese of Los Angeles of the Episcopal Church U.S.A.

We all are coming to pray to find some meaning and strength in this chaotic world. We come to give thanks also. The gracious presence of love in our lives spurs us to come and say thank you. Thank you to that mysterious wonderful sometimes too intimate Source called God. It’s a mystery. It’s something we can’t live without.


New Worship Information

How we worship is changing with COVID-19, as we "Shelter in Faith."