To care for one another requires getting to know one another. Healing and strength happens in community gatherings where we keep each other’s best interests at heart. 

Almost every month we celebrate some occasion and gather together for a meal or activity. Our Parish Relations committee meets monthly to coordinate our schedule our upcoming events.

Favorite annual gatherings include:

  • Epiphany liturgy, potluck dinner, and assembling Houseblessing kits
    Annual Meeting with brunch and party, celebrating our life together for the past year
    Brotherhood Waffle Breakfast
    Camp Stevens Breakfast fundraiser
    Camp Stevens Weekend — this is the Parish retreat held at Camp Stevens in the fall or spring
    Decorating the church for the holidays
    Advent Dinner & Chili Cook-off
    Parish Picnic
    Cal State Fullerton Baseball Game Night
    Bingo de Mayo
    Beach Party
    Christmas Dinner Dance