Daughters of the King

We are a very active chapter of the Daughters of the King here at St. Andrew’s. Our President is Sheila Lowerre. We have groups that meet regularly both in the evening and during the daytime to respond to the different lifestyle schedules of our members. We sponsor the Prayer List at St. Andrew’s and prayer consistently for those on the list. If you are interested in becoming a member of the DOK, please contact Sheila.

We are a lay religious order founded by a group of women in New York City in 1885. These women under the leadership of Mrs. Margaret J. Franklin wanted to implement the vows that they had taken at their confirmation, “to work, pray and give for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom.” The emblem of our order is a silver Greek Cross which members wear at all times. The inscription, ‘Magnaimiter Crucen Sustine’ broadly translated means “with heart, mind and spirit uphold and bear the cross.” Each member is mentored for a period of time to become acquainted with the ways of prayer and activities of the Order. During the time of discernment the candidate participates in the various prayer groups and activities of the order. During a Sunday liturgy, each new member takes her vows and is welcomed by the Order and the congregation. 

The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew’s

We are a men’s group dedicated to prayer, study, and service. We are a chapter to the national organization of the Brotherhood of Saint Andrew’s.

We meet the second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm for prayer and education, at the church. Our Director is Art Oropeza; please contact him if you are interested in learning more about the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

As Brothers Andrew, we are called to follow the example of Andrew, the first apostle to be called by Jesus. First he introduced his brother, Simon Peter, to Jesus and each time Andrew’s name appears in the New Testament, he was introducing someone to Jesus.  Then, on a late afternoon when the apostles were wondering how to get food for a hungry crowd of perople, it was Andrew who said, “There’s a boy here who has five barley loaves and a couple of fish, but what is that among so many?” Andrew knew about the boy’s lunch because he must have made friends with him. On another occasion some Greeks asked the apostle Philip to see Jesus. Philip went to Andrew for advice, and Andrew along with Philip, took the Greeks to Jesus. Why did Philip turn to Andrew? Probably, by this time, Andrew was known to be willing to lead people to Jesus. It can be said about Andrew that he believed in “come and see Jesus.” As Brothers Andrew we are called to lead the way for others to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Other ministry groups are:

Altar Guild, Dr. Beth Kelly
Brotherhood of St. Andrews, Art Oropeza
Building and Grounds, Marilyn St John
Camp Stevens, Anita Jevec
Centering Prayer, Bob Blair
Choir, Phil Theodorox
Clothes Closet, The Brotherhood of St. Andrew’s
Comfort and Support Group, Kaye Bellot
Congregational Care Team, Julie Tyau
Convention Delegates, Deanery Delegates
Covered in Prayer, Sheila Lowerre
Daughters of the King, Miriam Ogden
Discernment Committee
Education for Ministry (EfM), Paul Green and Shawn Cady
Endowment Board, Dr. Beth Kelly
Eucharistic Visitors, Dr. Beth Kelly
Finance Committee, Treasurer Tim Campbell
Greeters, PJ  Joseph
Godly Play, Rose Campbell, Kristen Vartanian
Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Maureen Turk
Laying on of Hands
Lectors, Maureen Turk
Newcomer Committee, Elizabeth Dislodge
Outreach Committee, Shawn Cady
Parish Relations Committee, Lori Lisanti
Publicity and Social Media, Melissa Rigler
Seeds of Hope team, Albert Finnerty
Soup Kitchen, Elizabeth Desloge, Bill O’Connell
St. Scholastica’s Guild, Maureen Turk
Steven Ministry®, Julie Tyau, Maggie Faust, Gayle Kenan
Stewardship Committee, Rose Campbell
Ushers, Judi Ayala
Youth Group/Jr. High, Shelly Arsenault
Youth Group – High School