Getting Involvedministries fair

People sometimes assume they need to be a member or attend worship services in order to join in our outreach and service opportunities, or our educational offerings.
Not so!  You are welcome to participate with our community in whatever way feeds your soul.

Sunday worship is a good place to see the community gathered and giving thanks. On Sundays we also make known what is needed to support our outreach activities.

You can just show up for what you are interested in, and you are also very welcomed to contact whoever is in charge of the project and talk to them ahead of time. If you don’t readily see who to call for what you are interested in, just call the office and Minerva will direct you to the right person.

Working side by side together, supporting each other and the community needs is the best expression of our Christianity. So, please, come join us. Good friends can be made and good work can be done.